Rubber Recycling Overpelt

Kies de juiste weg, kies milieubewust!


RRO is active in both the Belgian and the Dutch market. RRO collects annually around 5.5 million tires in Belgium and 7.5 million tires in the Netherlands. RRO is the expert from Belgium in the field of processing car tires but also processing truck tires and agricultural tires are among the possibilities. Annually RRO collects nearly 1 million tires, we use our own truck fleet which comply to the required environmental legislation. The tires are collected a piece, per cage or container and transported to the warehouse in Overpelt. Do you want to get rid of your old tires, and are you looking for a reliable partner, we would like to cooperate with you. If you are a member of the association Recytyre or Recybem, we collect the tires free of charge. The tires must be clean and dry, dependent on the amount, it’s possible to place a container (to borrow). Check with us for the possibilities.


The selection and sorting process is governed by our expert judges. Through the years of experience of our judges, it’s possible to classify and offer tires according to different criteria and quality levels. The tires that are still useful as a good tire can possibly be repaired and offered to our own sister company Tyre Business Belgium, traders or exported abroad. The tires that are not suitable for reuse in RRO get a new life through our production. We have a wide range of occasion winter and summer tires. Are you interested in our occasion tires please feel free to contact us.


RRO is making use of a production line for the granulation of used tires in order to produce rubber granulate. RRO ensures that the old tires are fully recycled, textiles and iron (17%) are separated from the rubber and transported to processing companies who are specialized in that. The input of the production is about 8,000 tons per year. This is equal to about 1 million tires per year. The rubber granules are used as raw material for various applications including tiles for patios, playgrounds, sports industry and for barn facilities.

Granules Possibilities

Soccer and Hockey pitches



(Sports) flooring


(Sound) insulation systems

Granules Products

Available in different sizes

We produce the following grain sizes:

RRO-flex 0008: 0,0 – 0,8 mm

RRO-flex 0016: 0,0 – 1,6 mm

RRO-flex 0825: 0,8 – 2,5 mm

RRO-flex 1625: 1,6 – 2,5 mm

RRO-flex 2545: 2,5 – 4,5 mm

Grain: > 4,5 mm

Naturally, different sizes can be produced in consultation. If you have any questions or interests in our rubber granulates, steel or textile production, don’t hesitate to contact us.